Friday, September 30, 2011

The position has been filled...

I just had an experience that I've honestly never had before. I'm currently working at Nu Skin in the call center providing sales support for the Latin America markets. It's not a super exciting job, but it pays the bills. And I actually love working for Nu Skin. It's good to work for a company that really does care about their employees. So... Now the actual story of my blog... I don't mind working in Sales Support. But it's kind of monotonous and not even close to what i went to school for. Ha. So recently there was a position available in the Product Support department. It would still be a phone job, but talking about the science of the products instead of just selling them. If you know anything about Nu Skin at all, you know how amazing the products are. And the science behind them is fascinating. I went to the convention last year and got to talk to the man behind the science and I was in awe. Ha. I know that sounds dumb and makes me a total nerd, but what they've been able to do with these products is awesome. I love it. So, naturally I was super excited about the position opening up. I applied and thought for sure I would get it. I got an interview and felt like I did really well in it! Then I got an e-mail saying the position had been filled. I was crushed! I thought for sure I would get the job and I was excited to not have to place orders anymore. But I didn't get the job...

I e-mailed the HR department about why I didn't get the job and she sent this back... 

I’ve spoken with **JOE** about the interviews. He informed me that you simply did not interview as well as the other applicant. There wasn’t anything significantly wrong with your interview or qualifications. Rather, the other applicant wowed them more and they believe she is more qualified for the position. I hope this helps.

Ouch... What does that even mean? I've never interviewed for a job and not been offered a position. I didn't interview as well as the other applicant?? What else did I have to do?! Tap Dance?! I'm surprisingly upset by this.. It prolly has something to do with the fact that my hubby and I were banking on getting this job for the raise in pay and the benefits it would provide... We don't have any health insurance and now I know I can't get it cuz I didn't interview as well as the other person? That sucks... Major blow to the ego.. I guess I needed one of those. ha. Oh well.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


        Ha. I know, Justin made fun of me a lot for saying that. And i'm not actually a "woofer" but I am a "WFR" a.k.a. Wilderness First Responder! It's like an EMT, but one step below, and everything applied to a wilderness context, when you're hours from emergency medical care. It's something I've wanted to do my whole life and I finally got the opportunity to do it! It was a 7 day class and it was held at Snowbird in Sandy.

        Basically, we learned how to identify whether or not the patient has a life threatening (or limb threatening) medical emergency or if they were gonna be ok. Then we have to decide what kind of evacuation is necessary and how to do it. The hardest part though is being thorough and figuring out what's really going on. There's SO many things that can be happening and it's hard to catch every little detail. It's also hard sometimes to distinguish between 2 things that look the same. We were told to always assume the worst because if you think it's less serious than it is, you could have some one die! And that would be terrible. ha. Anyway, it was a super fun class and I'm so glad I got to do it!

        Here are a few photos with a little bit of explanation. :)

This is the whole group. From left to right... Joe, Kendra, Sam, Happe, Brad, David, ME! and Sam. They were all great ppl with great stories. Most are outdoor adventure guides, (lucky!) and some just wanted to learn some cool stuff. (like me :) )


This is where we did one of our simulations. We would have a couple ppl from the group pretend to be patients out in the wilderness and our teacher would give them a set of signs and symptoms and we'd have to figure out what was wrong and what to do about it. This onw was WAY far away. If you can see it, the Tram that goes to Hidden Peak at Snowbird and we're half mile away up and down this ridge.

If you can see this pic at all... It's Happe (yes, that's his name. Very fitting for him. ha) and Brad. They were patients for a crazy sim that we did on the top of the mountain. Happe ended up dying and I was in charge. Oops! ha. He had a Traumatic Brain Injury, was suffering from Volume Shock and had been impaled by a branch that went all the way through his back and out his stomach. It was bad. ha.

This is Sam, Sam, Kendra and Brad carrying the stokes litter back from our sim. It was a PAIN carrying all the stuff in and out. Luckily they didn't make us carry our patient in there! We did other times, just not up that gosh darn hill. Ha.

View from afar... ha. This is halfway back from out sim.

This is me getting wrapped up in a hypothermia wrap. It was freezing up there! Ha. I didn't really have hypothermia (duh!) but we were practicing. It really worked! I was toasty. :)

Wrapping up the hypo wrap. They ended carrying me all around the summit. ha. It was fun but felt really weird! ha.

At the summit, getting ready to do something really cool I'm sure. ha.

Having a little lecture by the warming hut.

Another lecture, but this time in the Ski Patrol hut. The other teacher we had is on the Snowbird Ski Patrol.

We're trying to figure out how to get this guy untangled from these poles without comprimising his spine. Not as easy as it looks!

So our teacher really liked that I was an Athletic Trainer so she asked me to teach a few tape jobs. We were talking about dislocated patellas (knee caps) so I taught them a tape job to keep it in place once it had popped out. I also taught them finger buddy tapes, and an ankle tape job. It was fun!

This is EMMA!! She's Mark, the ski patrol guy's dog. She's one of 5 of Snowbird's rescue dogs and she's so cute! It was so fun to have her in class. I love Emma! :)

This is the view from the top of Snowbird! How lucky am I that I got to take a class there!!