Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Story!

So i know it's been a while since I did anything with this blog, but I think it's time i start. I don't have anything to do over the summer except work, so I'll have some free time. :-) Justin suggested that i give a little history of the two of us to start is off so I guess I will!

Justin and I met the summer of 2007, in Houston, Texas. He was there doing a summer job and i was home from school for the summer. He had also served his mission there and knew a few girls that i went to high school with. So at the beginning of the summer, I texted a friend of ours to ask her to go to church with me, and in turn, she texted Justin telling him of this girl she wanted him to meet.  So the next day at church, we met and his room mate, Cam, sat down next to me and he and I started dating. Oops! ha ha. So during that summer, Justin and I became good friends because of my relationship with Cam and when he and I broke up, Justin was the one to help me through it! He was a perfect friend. I remember my mom telling me that since I wasn't dating Cam anymore I should date Justin. At the time, I thought it was a crazy idea and told her I'd never date him cuz it'd be too weird. ha ha. Anyway, Justin went back to Utah after the summer and i stayed in Houston to work. When i went back in January, he was the first person I called. We hung out a number of times but nothing ever happened btwn us. We just stayed good friends. Then he finally asked me out on an official date. It was to the Opera in downtown Salt Lake. I got to get all dressed up and beautiful and we had a really great night. After the opera, we went to his house in orem and watched out favorite movie "How To Loose a Guy in 10 Days." The two of us quoted most of the lines in the movie and after it was over, he decided he wanted to see how much of it we really could quote, so we watched it on mute! haha. After about 45 minutes of it, he turned to me and said "alright, that's enough," and kissed me! It was LONG awaited and very nice. :)
Anyway, so i guess you could say the rest is history. We did a TON of super fun things that winter, including car shows and hanging out at Nate's cabin and snowboarding and hiking and visiting my family in Houston and hot tubing and just goofing off and having fun. When the summer came, Justin went to Pittsburg to sell security systems and I stayed in Provo and worked. It was SO hard to be away from each other for the summer but I did get to visit him a couple times. I got to go back east for the first time and meet his family and do a bunch more fun stuff. The second time I went was for his birthday. That week we did a river cruise of the city and went to Cedar Point and played volleyball on the beach and went to Niagara Falls! Little did i know before i left, that it would be the weekend that he proposed. We were in Erie, his hometown in northwest PA, and visiting his family. It was also his birthday so i didn't suspect it to happen. We played volleyball all day on the beach since it's his favorite thing to do and then we went to dinner with his Dad and step mom. After dinner, Justin and I went to a chocolate store and hung out for a little while. I didn't know that all this was just a distraction so that his parents could set up.  He ended up taking me to a look-out tower that looked over Lake Erie and the city and on top there was a table set up with candles and champagne glasses and roses and the Ring! I had no idea and when I turned the corner and saw it I started to cry! He brought me over and took my hands and said a bunch of stuff that i honestly don't remember (sad day!) and then got on one knee and asked me to marry him! I said yes with everything I had and then we were engaged!! It really was all very beautiful! 
We were engaged for four months and for married November 21st in the Jordan River Temple. We were sealed by Elder Jay E. Jensen of the Presidency of the Seventy and it was the most beautiful sealing i've ever been to. The entire day was just beautiful and I couldn't have asked for more!
So, there's our story in a nutshell. There's lots more details but it would take years to write them all down! Lots has also happened since and I can't wait for more to come!